Warren Jennings



Warren Jennings, 9:00 AM, 20 May 2021
Yesterday I graduated high school. The weeks leading up to this haven't quite felt real. I'm still not sure everything has sunk in.

My high school has a strict dress code, and it was fun waking up this morning to realize that the only person stopping me from growing a beard is my girlfriend!

Last night was a whole lot of fun, I especially enjoyed my friend Rachel's speech about deciding to learn. She detailed her experiences learning how to become more confident in her ability to present and communicate with others throughout junior high and high school. Her speech was put together well and had some jokes about learning to whistle that landed well with the audience. While I'd already decided I wanted to start a blog, her speech helped motivate me to start it today.

I've been gifted a nice camera by my amazing grandparents, and I'm so excited to experiment with it! I'm hoping to post here a few times a month, and will probably talk about things like my programming projects, videos I create, photos I take, and the things I accomplish. For those of you who graduated with me, I hope we can stay in touch. To everyone who's reading this, whether I know you or not, I hope you enjoy the blog!